Friday, 12 June 2015

Round Up #3

This week has been a week of work experience (exciting!) and the first week I'm back after the second year of uni. I know, two years, it seems like only yesterday that I walked into my flat for the first time, unpacked all of my stuff and sat alone in my room while my new flatmates had a nap (something that I was not yet accustomed to but now I can't live without).

Essie Mint Candy Apple
I hate applying nail varnish. Like really hate it. But this colour is just so insanely beautiful that I can't stop looking at it when it's on my fingers. I bought it last year and had forgotten about it until now, but I've cracked it out and it's such a good summer colour. The Essie polish formula are great, they last a decent amount of time on the nails and get a really good covering in two coats. The colour range is also insane! You could totally justify buying them all but I don't think my bank account would like me if I went and had a nosy, the temptation might be too much!

Kiko+Naked 3=Insane Combo
As I've had work experience this week I've had to be getting up at what some would call a normal working hour but to me is just way too early (I mean 7am, come on!). So I've wanted a go to makeup look that I could just bang out in no time at all. With the help of the Kiko shadow stick in 21 Passionfruit and the Naked 3 palette I've been wearing a spring rose gold eye look and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Just slap on some liner and mascara and I'm good to go!

Work Experience
This week I've had work experience at my local newspaper and I have to say it's been such a good week! I've learnt so much (who knew you could learn as much in a week as you could in the space of two years) and even managed to get into the paper, yay me!

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