Thursday, 11 June 2015

How To: Oily Skin

If you've read any of my skincare related posts before then you'll know that I have oily skin and woo isn't it great (can you detect the sarcasm). So, if anyone else out there is going through the same skin issues as me then I thought I'd share what I do to try and combat it.

A Creamy Cleanser // If you're more interested in my thoughts on the different types of cleansers then read this post, but the main discovery from that post was that creamy cleansers work best on my oily skin. The cooling creamy consistency doesn't add any oil to the skin like oils or butters do, but it's still as effective at removing any dirt or makeup that's on the face. I've used a couple of cleansers over the last six months and they have been the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and the Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean. For removing makeup the Cleanse and Polish is like no other. It dissolves makeup in no time and is amazingly gentle on eye makeup. The one I'm using at the minute is Soap and Glory cleanser. It smells divine, like peaches as the name suggests, and is so soothing and you can really feel it giving your skin a deep clean. This one isn't quite as good at removing makeup but I like to use it as a face wash in the morning to get any dirt off my face that I missed the night before.

A Good Toner // The secret to successfully battling oily skin to me is the right toner. I hear all the time on blogs about how good a toner is because it's not stripping, but to me when I can feel that it's taken all of the oil off my face I know that that's the one for me. I've used two toners recently and they've been The Body Shop Seaweed Toner and the Garnier Fresh Refreshing Toner. I'm using the Garnier Toner at the minute and this is VERY anti oil. It's very good at getting rid of anything that's on my face and leaves it feeling fresh and clean. The only problem I find with this product is that it stings like no other and that's what makes The Body Shop one my favourite. It's soothing on the skin but you can feel it working and it just does great things. I also really love the smell, not that that sways me but it's always nice when something smells good!

An Oil Free Moisturiser // I know it sounds obvious, but up until recently I've just been using any old moisturiser. This step in my skincare routine is always the one that can make or break how my skin feels for the rest of the day. My two favourites have been the Nivea Oil Free Moisturiser and the Simple Oil Balancing Moisturising. Both of them do the same job and they're pretty much the same. They feel quite thin when you first apply them but the more you work it into the skin they sink into the skin and make it feel hydrated but not greasy.

Blotting Paper // I realised last summer that blotting paper was my absolute saviour when out and about. If you don't know what blotting paper is, it's a piece of what I think looks like greaseproof paper that you use to 'blot' off any excess oil that has developed on your face throughout the day. I like the fact that it leaves my face feeling fresh again simply by getting rid of the grease (what a lovely thought!).

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