Monday, 26 January 2015

What's in my Bag

I thought that because it's the 'done thing' I'd share with the internet the contents of my bag. Now, you've been warned, it's not at all interesting or original but I fancied taking a picture of things coming out of my bag because I think it looks cool so let's get cracking! Of course there is a purse, mine is from River Island and I found that I was limited in the purses that I could buy because I have about 25 separate cards and that means I need a lot of card space! At the minute I'm carrying gloves around with me because this weather really doesn't agree with my hands. I got these ages ago and they're so cute because they have little bears faces on *pause for awws*. I have a Soap and Glory Hand Food in there at present although it is quite underused. I use a Body Shop hand cream in the morning and at night but I never really think about it during the day so there's really no point in it being in there. Beats headphones of course for when I get bored and a key so that I can let myself into the building in which I inhabit. A pen for all my writing needs and a Ted Baker spray which I got in a set for Christmas, cute! The little thing with an owl on is a pass case from Paperchase which is where I keep my railcard and my student card for easy access. Last but certainly not least I have blotting paper. My face has a tendency to get like a greasy chip so having theses to get rid or that disgusting layer is a godsend! I purchased these from Amazon at the beginning of August and they are still going strong!

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