Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Uni Food

To say that moving to university hits you hard in the house keeping department is an understatement. Suddenly you go from 18 years of living in some kind of hotel to being made to do everything yourself, hard times! If anyone is planning to go to uni or is finding it hard to know what to eat here are a few of my faves that are cheap and easy to make but also really tasty:

  • Lasagne- All you need is cheese, mince, an onion, chopped tomatoes and pasta. Put the onions and mince in a pan to cook then add the chopped tomatoes. Layer it up with the pasta and a creamy white sauce, cover it in lots of cheese and viola, a delicious meal that will serve four.
  • Pizza- I found an easy dough recipe that doesn't need yeast so that covered in tomato puree and cheese is a dream. Plus it's much cheaper than a Dominoes!
  • Tomato pasta- One of the easiest meals ever! A tin of chopped tomatoes and a bit of tomato puree is a cheap and tasty pasta sauce without that much effort. 
  • Soup- A 59p bag of tomatoes and 3 peppers for a pound make a really tasty soup. Roast them in the oven until soft, blitz up and enjoy! Nice with or without bread.

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