Tuesday, 20 January 2015


It's been a while since I've done one of these food things on here and quite frankly I've missed it so let's jump back in shall we! A few days ago the 'Notts house crew' (I know, super cool) took a little outing to Chiquita's and it was amazingly good! I'd never been before and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as I'd never normally think to go. If I had one complaint to start it off I thought that the menu was a little bit too big, but even though there was a little of choice it was the same thing in different forms, like you can have chicken in fajita, taco or salad form. So if you're indecisive that might not be too great. I liked the atmosphere and the feeling that you were abroad, while not having to leave the centre of Nottingham.

For my starter I had chicken and chorizo enchiladas. These were very good. There's a theme running in these dishes where the portion sizes are just spot on, not too much but not leaving me hanging. It came with what tasted like a tomato/mint salsa which left the mouth feeling fresh and cleansed which I liked as it was a contrast to the hearty enchilada. The inside was filled with chicken, chorizo and a lot of sweetcorn, which at times felt like it was the only thing inside. It was the perfect amount of spice, just enough to give a little bit of heat which is fine by me.

For my main I had the Steak chilli and rice tacos and boy were they good. The tacos were crispy and the meat was soft and full of flavour. I'm a huge fan of sour cream and they just mad the tacos ten times better, I even liked the cheese, and I'm not that big of a cheese fan. There were three tacos which was the perfect amount but it came with a lot of salad which I thought was a bit unnecessary. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish!

Churros was the only dessert that I felt that I should have, Mexico and what not, and they were so good! Again, perfect portion and tasty sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. The chocolate sauce was very nice but I'd have preferred it if it was a little runnier and warm. I also liked the addition of the strawberries which tasted good in the chocolate, yummy!

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