Monday, 24 November 2014

Fat Cats! (take two)

Change in the schedule!
I just couldn't stay away for longer than a couple of weeks before going back to the restaurant where dreams are made, well that's slightly over dramatic. I thought that although I really liked what I had last time I went, to have more to talk about in this post it would make sense to try something new!

For my main I had the Fat Cat Burger with curly fries. The burger was a standard beef burger with a cheese, bacon, onion and mushroom sauce on the top. I really liked this dish but I don't think it was as good as the pork I had last time. The burger itself was tasty but it was a touch on the dry side, however paired with the sauce and the sweet bun moistened it up. I felt that the burger need more sauce on it though because there was only a little bit on top of the burger inside the bun. Overall it's not my favourite dish in the world but it was quite nice and the flavours were very good.

As you can see from the picture I couldn't part with my amazing friend mr cheesecake. This time the flavour was the same but the berries that were on top last time were actually inside the cheesecake. It made a nice change but I preferred the plain cheesecake because I'm not the biggest fan of berries like that inside things (I know, bit weird). It was still as good as ever!

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