Thursday, 13 November 2014

Forgotten Happenings List

As last week was Bonfire night it got me thinking about how we celebrate historical events by doing certain things but most of the time we forget about what the event was in the first place. There I am, merrily enjoying the well crafted firework display, without a care in the world not thinking at all what happened hundreds of years ago to cause it. Here's a list of some of the events that I celebrate but that I had completely forgotten existed until I really thought about it.

Guy Faulkes- Let's start with the most recent to have passed us by, Bonfire night. I can understand the link between the bangs of the fireworks and the near explosions of the Houses of Parliament but it never crosses my mind when I'm there, sparkler in hand, watching the sky light up in a rainbow of colours.

Christmas- It doesn't matter if you're religious or not, Christmas began after someone said that 'the son of God' (AKA Jesus) was born. Yet this seems to get lost more and more, year on year, and always seems to revolve around presents. Not to sound like a bore but it would be nice if we could celebrate the whole point of CHRISTmas every once in a well as the food and presents.

Easter- Another religious one but the point of this has been totally lost, totally. It wouldn't surprise me if someone told me that they don't even teach the Easter story in primary schools anymore. I'm not a big fan of Easter anyway as I never get through the chocolate eggs and end up wanting to vomit for two weeks due to sweet overload!

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