Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Las Iguanas!

Last Monday my dad came down from sunny Halifax to take me out for tea (he had a meeting in Birmingham so he stopped by on the way past). I had no idea where we were going to go so I just found somewhere that I saw on my way into town. I saw Las Iguanas one day and thought that the building looked nice and we thought we'd give it a go!

For starter I had smoky turkey and cheese empanadas with a cranberry sauce. I'm not even joking, these were beyond delicious that words can't even describe how good these were. There was the perfect balance between turkey and cheese and the flavour was full of meaty, slightly creamy goodness. Paired with the cranberry sauce just made everything nice and sweet and I've never really had this flavour combination before but I'd definitely recommend it! The pastry/bread outside was nice and crispy and wasn't overly greasy so it brought everything together wonderfully.

For my main I had a torta, which is kind of like a glorified sandwich, filled with fried chicken with curly fries and creamy aioli. As with the starter this was just insanely good! If I was to give any criticism I would say that the chicken was slightly overcooked, but it still had an amazing flavour. The bread was brioche and was toasted but not so much so that it was hard to cut and the sauce and onions inside made the flavour really tasty. I can't even say how good the curly fries were. They were tasty, crispy and dipped in the aioli it was just a winning combination. The aioli was creamy and full of garlicy flavour.

The meal and the service were outstanding so I think that we will definitely will be making a return, maybe in the not so distant future!

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