Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The most Instagramable Coffee place - Tamper Coffee

This place was one of the most cool places I've ever been. Cool in the fact that I imagine cool bloggers to go there, have a latte with a fancy pattern on the top and instagram a perfectly flat-layed photo. Oh the dream! Anyway, my brother shared this little gem with me and my mum when we went to drop him off at university. It's called Tamper Coffee and is on Arundel Street.

It looks like nothing from the outside, just a wooden door that you would walk past without giving it a second look. But as soon as you step inside it's like you're hit with cool vibes. So much wood and exposed brickwork, I love it! There was also such a buzz inside it was full of people, weird when we had just come from a dead quiet street. We had to wait about five minutes for a table but everything else came super speedily.

It serves breakfast and then lunch from 12pm but there's a lot of crossover on the menu. There was a decent amount of choice, something for everyone without leaving you overwhelmed. I went for a hot chocolate and an eggs benedict, you could add smoked salmon or bacon but I wanted to try it in its 'original' form. Tick number one for this dish, perfect poached eggs. I think you can always tell a good place by their ability to cook poached eggs. Tick number two, it came with bubble and squeak. I am ALL about bubble and squeak and it was a nice addition that gave the dish just an extra pinch of tastiness. The hollandaise sauce was delicious and the muffin that everything sat on was soft and doughy. The only thing I would say about it is that there was a heck of a lot of spinach, and I like spinach, so I did take some of it off. Other than that I have to say I was very impressed and it was a delicious experience. Not much to say on the hot chocolate front other than it was really nice, not overly sweet but also not sickly. A good, simple hot chocolate.

If you're ever in Sheffield then I would definitely recommend checking this place out, especially if you want a good instagram or you're hoping cool vibes will rub off on you (no, just me?).

If there are any more places, preferably in the northern area of the country, that serves delicious food but will also do my instagram some good then please let me know!

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