Friday, 11 September 2015

Round Up #10

Scarecrow Festival
Every year at around this time a village close to where I live holds a scarecrow festival. So, as the cool people we are we spent last Sunday morning wandering around, walking up and down hills to look at some very well made and creative scarecrows. The theme this year was songs and there were some good efforts but my favourite was Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball hanging off a telegraph pole. There were some naughty donkey's who stole the show and one especially loved having his picture taken. So cute!

Winter Times
Winter is coming and I can seriously feel it (that wasn't a Game of Thrones reference by the way just a giant coincidence). There's a little chill in the air the coats are coming out and I'm loving it. I bought this year's pair of winter boats, some new cuddly pyjamas and me snuggling up in a blanket at night has become socially acceptable again! Back to the pyjamas, they are amazing. IT'S SO FLUFFY! They're from Primark (as are most of my pyjamas) and I have my eye on a fox onesie which is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

I've seriously been getting into bread making over the past few weeks (as you'll know if you read yesterday's post). On Wednesday of this week I made really tasty tear and share loaf with stilton and bacon. I'm not that big of a cheese fan but this was so delicious! We had it with soup and it was a great combo. The recipe was good old Paul Hollywood and I find his bread book explains how to make things so simply that even a newbie like me can turn out a decent loaf!

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