Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bolster Moor!

Bolster Moor is a butchers in Hudderfield near where I live and it is the best butchers ever! I get all of my meat from there to take back to university with me (I know, taking meat from Yorkshire to Nottingham is a bit excessive) and I love it! In 2011 they opened a cafe and when I'm at home we probably end up going at least once a fortnight. They sell amazing cakes, tasty sandwiches and the best all day breakfast ever. This time that we visited we were having a pre Tour de Yorkshire lunch and I chose one of the spring specials, smoked salmon and scrambled egg on brown toast. When it came it looked very swanky with the rolls of salmon and the little garden of what I think was chives. The eggs were fluffy and really tasty, sometimes I find that they can be a bit watery but these eggs were creamy and delicious. The bread was thickly cut and brown is my favourite. The salmon was soft, tasty and perfect. If I had to complain about anything I'd say that there was a bit too much salmon (I know a bit weird, who can have to much salmon) and when I came to the end I had a lot of it left. But this could be because I wasn't overly hungry due to the fact that I was nervous about going and filming the cycling as part of my latest uni assessment.

If you're ever in the West Yorkshire area, seek this place out because trust me you won't regret it!

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