Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Orange Tree!

The Orange Tree is a small pub in Nottingham city centre. It's always looked really appealing but despite living near to it the whole of last year I'd never been until recently. Inside it's very wooden, which I like a lot, and there's a mixture of normal tables and big comfy sofas, you can definitely feel the student vibes. It was a very impromptu lunch when we went so I stuck to the lighter items on the menu but they did some really amazing sounding mains and desserts which I'll have to go back and try.

In the end I went for the Homemade Fish Finger Sandwich with chips and boy was is good! I asked for it on brown bread which was so soft but the downside was that it had a very hard crust, however it felt homemade. The fish fingers were more like battered fish pieces as apposed to your standard Birdseye, which I was completely okay with and happily lapped up. You got two big ones of those and the biggest chips you will ever see. They were huge! Some of them were a little bit too hard for my liking but most were soft and melted in the mouth. Insane. Inside the sandwich there were some salad leaves and a tartare sauce which went really nicely with the fish and added something a little extra. I'm definitely going to go back to The Orange Tree again. It was a good price and for food as good as that you really can't complain.

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