Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Chiquitos! (Take Two)

For the second time a girly meal has ended up at a lovely time in Chiquitos! The one that we go to in Nottingham is in the corner house and is such a great atmosphere. It's fair to say that we were a little early (half an hour, oops) so as soon as we got there we hit up the bar and I have to say the prosecco is second to none. When we got to the table I was straight away trying on the sombreros having a great time. Anyway let's get away from the Mexican hats and onto the food!

For starter I went for the Beef Chilli Tacos and they were divine! I had them as a main last time and they were just as good but there's something about the mini size that intensified the flavours. The onions were soft and sweet although they were hard to eat with the taco because the kept falling off. The cheese was nice and not too strong for my taste and the sour cream was delicious although it wasn't evenly spread on all of the tacos and was just dolloped on the top one. The salsa was nice, clean and fresh, but every time I went in for the dip half of the beef fell out! It was such a delicious starter and I'd definitely have it again.

For my main I went for a flatbread and chose the chicken, chorizo and sweetcorn medley. It was like a pizza but not, if that makes sense, and it was delicious. The base was nice and crispy, bread-y and pastry-like at the same time, and on the menu it said that there was a tomato sauce on it but there wasn't a considerable amount and I like a lot of sauce so that was a bit of a let down. The peppers were soft and the cheese was tasty and not over whelming. The chicken was soft and delicious and the chorizo and sweetcorn were really tasty. The only problem that I found with it was that the coriander that was on top of the flatbread was very overwhelming and I just found myself picking it up. Overall very good and the perfect portion size because normally I don't finish a pizza but I wolfed all of this down.

For dessert I nearly went for the churros again but I thought I'd try something different and instead went for the chilli chocolate fondant. I've always wanted to try the chilli chocolate combination and it was so good. I expected it to be quite spicy but instead it was a normal chocolate flavour with an after kick that made things interesting. It came with honeycomb ice cream and an orange sauce on top of the fondant which were both delicious. The fondant was perfectly oozing and the portion size was perfect. It was an all round great meal!

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