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Tanya Burr Neutral Ambiance | First Impressions

I knew I wanted to try this collection as soon as I saw it. I mean look at these colours! Totally stunning and nothing like I currently have in my collection. I've tried a few things from Tanya Burr Cosmetics before, I like the Pink Cocoa lipstick, I love her matte lipsticks but I didn't get on with her Hollywood Eyeshadow palette. I didn't think the pigment translated onto the eyes, but as soon as i saw this palette I knew I had to try it. So, I bought the eyeshadow palette in My Paradise and the lipstick in Sunday Walk. The packaging on both matches the rest of the range, which I really like on the lipstick, sturdy. But I wish the eyeshadow packaging was thinner, that would just make it perfect because it closes nicely and the mirror is a nice touch.

For this first impressions I really wanted to give you a thorough review. So, I'm going to split it into two sections, swatches and throughout the day. So let's get into it!

L-R: Champagne Cocktail | Tranquility | Miami Sunrise | Hammock

Starting with the lipstick. Very soft and creamy. When I applied it onto the back of my hand it felt moisturising but that it was going to stay on my lips for a while, unlike Pink Cocoa which is very creamy but is gone from my lips within the hour. I love the colour, very pink but a soft pink that I think on my lips will pass as a nude.
 These eyeshadows are stunning. They really do look like a sunset, very rose gold and I can't wait to put them on my eyes. When swatching the shimmery shades (Champagne Cocktail, Tranquility and Miami Sunrise) they were really pigmented with one swipe and give off a gorgeous sheen. What I will say is on my arm, those three shades are very similar. They might look different on the eye but that was just what I noticed when I first swatched them. The one thing I am wondering about is Hammock. It's a ashy matte brown which I think will look lovely in the crease but when I swatched it I was quite disappointed. It wasn't coming up as pigmented as the shimmer shade but I do find that can happen with matte shades. The proof will be in the pudding when I test it on my eyes.

Sunday Walk
I applied my makeup at about 7.30am in the morning before I set off for work. I wanted to make sure I gave the eyeshadow the best chance at staying on my eyes so I applied Mac Painterly Paint Pot as a base and then went over that with the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. I first applied Champagne Cocktail on the inner part of my lid, packing it on with a Mac 242 brush. I then used Tranquility on the second half of my lid and took Miami Sunrise in my crease with a Mac 217. Finishing off, I used Hammock, also on a Mac 217, on the outer corner of my eye. The eyeshadows were nice and pigmented and there was literally no fall out. I'm still not sure about Hammock as a shade, it looks really nice with the rest of the eye look but I'll have to give it more of a test I think.

I 'checked in' with my makeup every two hours from finishing my makeup at about 8pm.

*Something to note about this day is that it was very warm, like 26 degrees warm*

10am // Eyes: Look just as good as when I applied it, no change.
Lips: After a bagel and a cup of tea a lot of the lipstick has worn off, there's still a little bit of pigment hanging around but not loads. May have to reapply soon.

12pm// Eyes: Can start to see it wearing away on the inner part of my crease, which is where my eyeshadow usually wears away first. Other than that though it still looks great.
Lips: One more cup of tea later and the lipstick's all gone now, I'll have my lunch then reapply.

Lipstick reapplication: 1.10pm - Reapplied nicely but there was pretty much nothing left on my lips

2pm// Eyes: Just a little bit more wearing on the inner crease but as I said that's usually what happens with my eyeshadow throughout the day. I'm still pretty impressed as it is a VERY warm day today.
Lips: Looking good, it's 50 minutes since I reapplied and it's looking good. I've only been drinking water but still intact. Loving the colour, really natural.

4pm// Eyes: As I said before it's looking a little greasy on my inner crease and the shadow has pretty much disappeared from part of it but on the rest of my lid it's still totally there and when my eyes are open there's no way you would be able to tell that some of it had rubbed off. It wouldn't be too hard to touch up either if I wanted to.
Lips: The shine has gone but I have to say the pigment is still there. I've eaten an apple and drunk some more but it's looking not too bad

6pm// Eyes: It has started to wear off on the rest of my lid now. Still looks fine when I open my eyes but you can tell when they're closed. The outer corners still look great though.
Lips: One Magnum later and it's pretty much gone but there is a tint of pink that's been left behind. Not too bad for a moisturising lipstick.

Reapplication: 6pm - I touched up Champagne Cocktail on my inner lid and although it took quite a bit of blending it looks just like it did this morning. I also put a little bit of Tranquility on the centre of my lid, it hadn't really warn off there but just to blend it in more to Champagne Cocktail. Also, reapplied my lipstick but this time I used the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk as I'm going out for tea and I want to see how long it lasts with something to cling to.

8pm// Eyes: The same. Just as I'd reapplied.
Lips: Eaten a starter and a main and drunk some wine, the lipstick has gone so just the lip line remains. I have to say I'm a little disappointed, thought it was going to stick around a bit longer with the lip liner.

I love the eyeshadow. It sticks around just as long as some of my high end eyeshadows do, which for £5.99 is pretty great. The shades are also gorgeous, although I am still a bit unsure about Hammock but as I said it worked really well with the rest of the eye look. I love the colour of the lipstick and that it does look like a more spring 'my lips but better'. The only issue is that if I have a drink or eat anything I can pretty much guarantee it's not going to be there. I'm going to try it with a different lipliner or applying it with a lip brush to see if it could last just a little bit longer. Overall I'm very pleased with them both - definitely want to try the My Escape palette now!

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