Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Slightly different food post this week but it's a good'un! I think that Deliveroo started working in Nottingham at the beginning of this year and ever since I heard about it I've been dying to try it out. I've had the app downloaded to my phone for a while and every so often I'd browse through to see what kind of things that I had. The night I took the plunge I really fancied a lasagne and because Bella Italia is one of my favourite places to eat I thought I'd compare and see if there was any difference between a takeaway and what you'd receive in the restaurant. I wanted to get calamari but the choice of starters on Deliveroo is very limited and the only thing you can really get is bread which was disappointed. It only took half an hour for the meal to arrive and it was great because you can track your driver and see exactly where they are (stalker alert!).

I ordered lasagne, onion rings and bread with a garlic butter dip. If I get a Deliveroo again I'd just get the meal and not go for the extras. They were nice but I really didn't need them as the size of the main was enough to make me full and they weren't anything special. The onion rings were very crispy and they made me really thirsty and the garlic breads were very doughy and dipping the bread in the garlic butter was a bit messy. The lasagne, however, is a totally different story. It tasted exactly the same as if I'd gone to the actual restaurant. It was a bit weird the way it came as it was basically just plonked in the box but that didn't effect the flavour or it's temperature. It was easy to eat from the box, it was creamy, tasty and delicious, lovely. I definitely recommend getting a Deliveroo if you can and I'll try out more from some different restaurants in the future and make sure to report back!

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