Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Browns Afternoon Tea

So many afternoon teas, I love it! If anyone has any recommendations of anywhere else I can go then please let me know! I love Browns. I think that atmosphere is really nice and the one in Nottingham especially just has nice vibes. I'd never been here for afternoon tea before and my amazing friends were kind enough to treat me to this a couple of weeks ago as part of my birthday present. I had a great time and would happily do this all the time! The cake stand was literally insane. It was a great mix of modern coolness and the traditional-ness of afternoon tea. I just want this for personal use when I move into my own house.

Let's start how all afternoon tea's start with the savoury and the sandwiches. They were quite strange fillings but at the same time normal. The weirdest one was cucumber and cream cheese. Although it doesn't sound weird it just didn't look anything like it was meant to be. The cucumber was chopped up into tiny pieces so you couldn't really tell what it was and it made the cream cheese looked non cream cheese like. However, it tasted very nice and that's all that matters. I don't normally like egg mayo sandwiches because I'm not the biggest fan of overly eggy things but because this sandwich didn't taste much like egg it was all okay. My favourite sandwich was the smoked salmon sandwich with lemon and chive creme fraiche. I just love smoked salmon so it will always be my number one afternoon tea sandwich!

Next layer was the scones (even though they were on the top that's the order I normally eat it in). These scones are some of the best I've ever had, no joke. They were still warm even when we got around to eating them and there was plenty of clotted cream and jam for all of the scones. What I really liked was that you got a fruit and a plain scone which is very unusual because you normally get one or the other. Great texture, lovely flavour and I could have eaten more and more!

Finally the cakes and I was very surprised at the size of these! This afternoon tea is great value for money in that respect. The middle cake was a salted caramel profiterole. It was okay and tasted nice but salted caramel wasn't my favourite flavour and profiterole wouldn't be my pudding of choice, but it was still very nice. The chocolate brownie was huge! It was incredibly rich and chocolate-y and there was no way I could finish it because it was so big and rich, but the bit that I did have was lovely. The lemon cheesecake was delicious. The base was thin, buttery and crumbly and the filling was sweet but with a tang and it was lovely and creamy. The creme de la creme was the white chocolate pot. It had the texture of a posset, like a thin mousse and tasted like a dream. It was like creamy melted chocolate and I loved every spoonful! I think this one was my favourite.

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