Monday, 11 January 2016

Keeping Happy in the Dark Winter Months

Everybody knows that January is the worst month of the year, it's a fact. But this year I'm determined to make it 'Joyuary' (I know, trying to find a good name for a happy January proved much more difficult to do). Here are some of my tips to feel a little bit brighter in these dark winter days.

Cosy, cosy, cosy
Being, you guessed it, cosy is something that I cannot live without in the winter months. There's nothing better than cuddling up with a hot drink watching the tele. My favourite thing to do is have a relaxing shower and then put on a nice pair of fluffy socks or slippers, my dressing gown, get my blanket, grab a furry friend and snuggle up in the lounge.

A good moisturise
I love smooth legs. It's like a little treat I can give myself all the time and I love it. Moisturising them makes them so smooth and by doing it in the evening, I get to enjoy the lingering scent all night long. My favourite one to use at the minute, on very special evenings, is the Body Shop Hawaiian Fukui Cream from the Spa of the World range which I got for Christmas. It has an amazing calming smell and it very thick so moisturises deeply.

Feeling great
The best way to feel great during the dark days of winter is looking great. It may sound silly but if you don't like the way that you're looking then you're not going to feel your best. So treat yourself and do your makeup nice, even if you're just popping to the shops. Go on, swipe on that lippie and conquer the winter blues!

Hot beverages
I'm a big hot drinks fan and winter time is perfect for all things brew. Coffee in the morning, tea mid afternoon and a hot chocolate in the evening. Just taking a bit of time out to have a drink can break the day up and give a much needed lift in motivation or a bit of cheering up if you've had a sad day.

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