Monday, 6 April 2015

Origins Face Masks

Don't you just love it when you discover a bargain because I do! The other week when I was doing my usual blog stalking session I saw that someone had bought three Origins Face Masks, a brand which I had previously not tried, for £20 instead of £50. So I was straight onto the Boots website and before I knew it they were in my basket. I couldn't wait to use them so each night for the next three nights I gave them a road test and all of them are insanely good.

Starting with the Charcoal mask this is the one that I'd heard most about. This is what I'd call a 'traditional mask' as it does the whole hardening so that you can barely move your face and you can really feel it working. It claims to draw out the badness and open the pores and it definitely does. After using this my face is left soft and in the days afterwards considerably clearer. Next up is the Overnight Mask. I was a bit weary before using this as I have oily skin and the thought of leaving something on my skin for a long time made me think it could become a little greasy. However, this is anything but. It smells fruity (big bonus) and has quite a thick consistency. When I wake up in the morning my skin feels fresh and soft and is great after a night of drinking, a real life saver. Last but not least, is the Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask. I think that this one is my favourite as it's super thick, smells like menthol and clears my skin up like no other. It's a quick fix for when my face is going through a bit of a bad spell. I lather this onto my face and neck, leave it for, you guessed it, 10 minutes and feel the magic happen. After washing it off my skin feels soft and tight, in a good way.

I'm so glad that I bought these, they work so well! Hopefully they do my skin some good and I don't get too addicted because I don't think I could afford to buy them again at normal price.

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