Thursday, 29 January 2015

Bash of the Blushers

It's that time again to delve into the makeup draws and see who comes out on top in the blusher department. I'm not that adventurous when it comes to blush. I bought a lot of them when I first started university and I haven't grown my collection since. First off is the first in a group of Sleek blushers with Sleek Flushed. It looks quite pink in the photo above but in person it's a very autumnal red. It's a beautiful colour which looks great in the winter time with a dark eye and is matt so for a day when I don't fancy being too sparkly this is the one I go for. The problem with this is that it's a bit over pigmented so one slip of the hand and it looks like you've tried to dress up as a clown, annoying. Next is another Sleek blush in Pomegranate. Another great one for winter this is one of the most beautiful blushes that exists in the makeup world. It's a sparkly purple that goes perfectly with a pinky purple eye and I could just stare in the pan all day. Similarly as the last blush the pigmentation is just a bit too much and application has to be tentative otherwise things get messy. Last in the Sleek department is Sleek Rose Gold. I've heard that this is meant to be a dupe fro Nars Orgasm and this is the ultimate party blush. It's pink with a gold shimmer and on the cheeks it acts as a blush and  a highlight. It can sometimes be a little too much with a heavy eye but it is such a stunning blush. Another blush is the Soap and Glory shimmer brick in Peach Party. When I look at this I just think summer and the pretty sections of this make me smile. As with the last blush this works as a blush and a highlight, which goes well with orange and gold eyes, but can sometimes be a bit too much. Last on the list is a small tester of the Benefit Dandelion blush. In the pan this looks like THE most boring blush but when it's on the cheeks it is the most perfect smokey eye blush in the world. I wear it everyday because it's so easy to wear but it does get boring from time to time when I'm feeling more adventurous. For the fact that it's the one I wear the most I'd say the winner is the Benefit blush but for the fact that it's so great and looks so pretty I'm going to say the winner is Peach Party. Hooray for sparkle and shimmer!

L-R: Flushed, S&G, Rose Gold, Pomegranate, Dandelion

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