Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Theatre Meal!

Last week I went home on a short little two day trip because me and my family were going to see Barnum at the Alhambra theatre in Bradford! If you don't know what Barnum is it's a show about a circus, I'm not very good at describing things but trust me it was really good! Before we went to see the show we visited 1914, the restaurant in the theatre, and it was amazing! The food was so good I can't even describe how good, but I'll try.

For starter I had smoked salmon mousse which was really nice. The top was actual smoked salmon and the underneath was a mixture of smoked salmon, mustard and creme freshe. I wish that I had kept some bread back because it would have been nice with some bread but it was still good mixed with the rocket underneath. There was just the right amount and it nicely set me up for my main meal.

For my main meal I had pork with red cabbage, cider mash and a cheeky side of cauliflower cheese. The pork was beautiful, it was soft and melted in the mouth underneath but the top was crispy and tasty, the perfect combination. The mashed potato was buttery and smooth and went really well with the sweet cabbage which was crunchy and tasty. The cauliflower cheese was amazing! Possibly one of the best I've ever had, and I do like my cauliflower cheese. This is up there with one of the best meals I've ever had, bold statements.

Dessert was treacle tart. I think when it comes down it could be one of my favourite desserts and this is the best treacle tart I've ever had. It came with clotted cream, which I am in love with, and had a really nice ginger flavour and was buttery and sweet and amazing! The pastry was thin and crispy and the filling was aaaahhhh. That's all I have to say.

I'm really hoping that something exciting comes back to the theatre so that we have an excuse to go again, fingers crossed!

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