Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Festive food

It’s getting to that time of year for us university folk where we all have to go our seaports ways and return to our ‘normal life’ for the festive season. This means that we don’t really get to be excited for Christmas together. Even though me and and my fellow housemates were doing secret santa we wanted to do something a bit more festive for the big reveal, and what’s more festive than a Christmas dinner?! So, last Tuesday we all took a family trip to Toby Carvery for a roast and to give each other our presents. It’s safe to say that the food was beyond amazing. Most of us decided to go for the king size plate because let’s face it, £1.50 for three sausages, extra meat and another Yorkshire pudding was a steal! 

I went for the turkey, pork and gammon and they were all delicious. I think that my favourite was the turkey because it melted in the mouth and really got me into the festive spirit. I’m not a big vegetable eater so I got one giant parsnip and a little bit of cauliflower cheese which was all very nice. I also got some roast potatoes, which not to sound fussy, I only like a certain way and it’s safe to say that they didn’t disappoint. I got through most of it but there was way too much food for one person, an eyes bigger than belly moment definitely happened, and a little bit may have been left. But there was still room for dessert! I had the treacle sponge with custard, standard, and it was delicious. There was a lot of custard which is perfect because that’s the best part! This type of food is just a flavour of what I’ve got coming for the rest of the month and I can’t wait! 

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