Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas Shopping

I've never really been one for serious shopping, I know where I want to go to browse, Boots and River island, and everywhere else I just kind of go in, get what I need and then get out. So, you can see that christmas time isn't my favourite to go into the shops. I like the whole festive atmosphere but the people who need 17 Elsa's for various kids in their family really get on my nerves. People are so rude, so I've complied a list of how to get through the christmas shopping period without committing murder:

  1. Know where you're going, what you need and where you're going to eat (if you're doing a day long trip), this means that you don't spend time wandering around aimlessly, getting stressed out and you can potter around knowing where you're going to go. 
  2. Try not to go on a Saturday. This year I'm completely ignoring this advice but if you go on a Sunday or even better some time during the week it won't be as busy and will be a much more leisurely experience. 
  3. Don't take a huge handbag. You will regret it when it keeps banging into people. 
  4. If you're buying a lot and have gone shopping in a car, make a half way trip to take the bags back so that by the end your bag and arms haven't broken. 
Follow these tips and you'll have a great shopping experience. 

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