Thursday, 4 December 2014

Top 5 Christmas Songs

It’s finally got to that time of year where it’s acceptable to listen to and sing christmas songs (mass cheer) and it’s great! I think that they really get you in the mood for the festive season and there’s nothing better than baking a batch of mince pies whilst rocking out to some Michael Buble. In light of this fact I thought it would be good if I gave a run down of my favourite christmas songs. They’re a mixture of classic pop tracks and traditional hymns (because I’m cool like that) so let’s get started. 

O come all ye faithful- This is definitely my favourite christmas hymn from back in the day. i like how when you sing it, no matter how badly, you still feel like a choir singer. It’s also not depressing, which is a big tick, and I used to love the different harmony parts. When I used to go to church and it got to the “O come let us adore him” it’s as if everyone just knew when they had to join in and there’s be parts where it was just women and the men would join in, amazing!

I believe- I have no idea who sings this song and I think that most of it is a bit depressing but this one makes the list for just one part of the song. When it gets to the part where it says “or touch a leaf, or see the sky” I love it! iI don’t know but I just think it’s really weird to sing a christmas song and mention a leaf. It’s a bit of a stupid reason to like a song but that’s life.

Jingle bells- One word, classic. This has to be the best one that you sing at school because it’s so happy and it just gets everyone in the mood for christmas! I do also like Rudolph the red nose reindeer but this one just pips in to the post for the jolly factor. 

Jingle Bells (Michael Buble)- The jollyness and 'old style' of the song makes it feel so festive and I don't think that anyone could feel sad when they listen to that song. The doowops make me feel so happy and festive, CHRISTMAS!

Driving home for Christmas- This song reminds me of the Gavin and Stacey christmas special and that alone puts a smile on my face. I also like the 'clickable' nature of this song and that you can sway along and that you don't have to concentrate. It's a good christmas day background song.

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