Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Peachy Keens!

I had a sad little feeling that I wouldn't have a place to 'review' this week as I didn't think I was going out to eat but I do love a bit of spontaneity! Me and my friends decided to take a little trip to have a nice meal and because Nottingham is full of restaurants we had a lot of choice. We went to Peachy Keens because sometimes you just want to go somewhere where you can just eat all of the foods! Earlier this year we all went to Red Hot buffet which I have to say really disappointed me. I thought that the food wasn't anything special and there was a bit too much choice if that makes sense.

This time we didn't make the mistake of buying soft drinks as they were so expensive last time but I suppose they have to do that to make up for the fact that the food is so cheap! With student discount it came to just under a tenner which is so amazing! Cannot go wrong!

It's safe to say I sampled pretty much everything that they had to offer, from onion barjis to sushi it was all really good. My favourite had to be the poppadoms because they had a really nice flavour and weren't at all greasy. The desserts were also really good and my favourite was the chocolate and walnut brownie, it was perfection. The food was so much better than Red Hot and at a much better price. If I had one complaint it would be that the main dishes, like beef in a sauce, were a little dry. I will definitely be returning in the near future!

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