Thursday, 23 October 2014

My Netflix List

As a person who spends around 10 hours of my day sat watching a screen it was only a matter of time for me and Netflix to be brought together (or for my brother to get it and me to sponge off him...). To me there is nothing better than spending days of your life wrapped up in a little mini world, feeling someone else's pain and making their problems your problems, bliss. So I thought that I would share my list of TV series' that I would definitely recommend watching on Netflix.

  1. House of Anubis-I'm not even joking, this is one of the best programmes I've ever watched. The episodes and story lines just draw you in and the fact that there are so many episodes per series means that you get really attached to the characters and I seriously cannot wait for the third series to go on so I can indulge myself in it again!
  2. Gossip Girl-I have such a love/hate relationship with this programme but overall I do really like it. Sometimes I can't keep up with all of the love interests and family problems but the first series had me hooked from beginning to end so I definitely recommend starting it and then you can make up your mind from there. 
  3. Silk-So good, so good. I like how it shows you the different sides of a court case but in a completely non boring way. Each episode had a different case each episode is different so it makes it way too easy to watch a lot of episodes back to back, not good but at the same TOO GOOD!
  4. Last Tango in Halifax-YES YES YES! I love it, it's too good, too much must watch.

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