Friday, 7 November 2014

Favourite Friday: Mac Pigments

As we are coming into the colder months I'm really getting into wearing purple colours on my eyes to spread the festivities and recently I've been cracking out some old products that I got as gifts years and years ago. At the minute my favourite purple eye look has been with these crushed metallic pigments by Mac. I got these for Christmas a few years ago now and I love the fact that when they are on the eyes they sparkle and shimmer like it's nobodies business! Love the wet kind of look that they give.

This is 'Dusty Desire' as it's a really deep purple it can look a little matt in some lights but knows when to bring out the sparkle. I like to use this one in the crease when I'm wanting a really dark look but mostly on the outer corners. However I would say that I use this one the least as it can sometimes be a little daunting and dark when I'm not really feeling that adventurous.

This is probably my favourite of all the pigments and it's called 'Prettified'. I like this one the most as it still has the little hints of purple sparkle but it is such a gorgeous copper colour and looks so good when on the lids. I use this both on the lid and in the crease depending on how intense I want to be with my eyes.

This unusual eyeshadow colour is called 'Femininity' and is the little surprise of the four pigments. In the pot it looks like a hot pink/purple, and it is, but in some light something magic turns blue. I just love the way it looks and the fact that it makes your eyes pop and stand out with the fact that IT'S A COLOUR CHANGING EYESHADOW! Insane.

And last but not least this is 'Maribu'. Depending on the different lights this can look like a very light lilac or a bright white with a pinky hue. I like to use this one in the inner corners as it really brightens the eye and when I put it all over my lid it can sometimes look a bit too bright and reflective.

From right to left: Dusty Desire, Prettified, Maribu, Femininity

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