Monday, 20 October 2014

I think I have a problem...

I don't like people using my things.

I know it sounds strange but hear me out. I just like the way that I use things and I know how to clean I have a disease?
The weird thing about this problem though is that it's only 'things' but when it comes to areas I'm fine. For example if there are crumbs or something on the side it's not as if I'm first out with the disinfectant spray, so I don't really understand what's wrong with me.
Since moving to university I think I've got better with this little issue. Now if someone uses something like a pan I'm completely fine with it...until I find it in the dishwasher, then we have a problem. Now, my pans are non-stick so they can't go in the dishwasher (told you I have a problem).
I think I need some serious help, I'll take any suggestions for therapy sessions whatever, I just need to sort this out!!!

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