Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bella Italia!

Ah, Bella, how I've missed you. I think that, especially when I'm back in the Nottingham, the Bella Italia in the Cornerhouse is one of my most frequently visited restaurants. This is because I know when I go I'm not going to be disappointed. I rarely ever stray from the same meals and every time it delivers. The atmosphere is always buzzing, friendly staff and because it's right in the city centre it's a good place to people watch!

For starter I had calamari, which as I mentioned earlier I always have. As you can see from the image above it comes with a lemon wedge, a tomato sauce and a garlic mayonnaise. Both of the dips are delicious and go beautifully with the crispy calamari. The flavour of the tomato dip always reminds me of Heinz tomato soup and is thin in texture which is a great contrast to the super creamy garlic mayo which I think it my favourite of the two. The calamari batter was lovely and crisp, not at all greasy. One of my favourite starters of all time.

For main, as per usual, I had lasagne. There is just something really special about this dish. There's the perfect amount of white sauce (which is super creamy and well seasoned) to cheese and meat. There's a little bit of heat that comes from the meat, giving the dish another dimension. I always judge a restaurant on how good their lasagne is, and this is a good lasagne!

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