Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Old Mill! (Take Two)

Bring on the Easter Holidays and all the food it has to offer! Hooray! This Easter Sunday the family decided to go out and we took a trip to The Old Mill in Brighouse (which is a Chef and Brewer to anyone who doesn't live in the area). I've been a fair few times and I really enjoy it, but we encounter problems when there's more than four people as they can't seem to deal well with big parties. I understand that with a lot of people it means that the wait for food will be extended a little but the gap between the starter and the main was bordering on an hour and by the time it came I wasn't really that bothered about it (it didn't help that I've contracted an illness from my Spain trip but more about that on Friday). Anyway for an upmarket chain pub it was pretty alright so let's jump into the food.

For starter I had something from the special April seafood menu which was a Smoked Salmon Bubble and Squeak. This was very delicious. The hollandaise sauce was delicious, I was told it had split but it didn't impact the flavour. and the smoked salmon was to die for. Recently I've become a big fan of bubble and squeak and this didn't disappoint. There was much of a cabbage flavour but the taste was good all the same. The only thing that let this dish down was the fact that the yolk in the poached egg was hard, like a rock, and because I don't really like a hard yolk I gave this away to someone else. The dish didn't miss it but it wouldn't have been a nice addition.

Now onto the main. Our first problem lied with the fact that what I originally wanted, the Luxury Fish En Croute, was unavailable meaning I had to pick something else from a menu that on that day I wasn't overly inspired by. You know when you really have your heart set on something so much that anything else is just kind of average, this was one of those times. I eventually went for the Belly Pork and it was okay. It was cooked very nicely with a soft but crispy top. The mashed potatoes were alright and I don't really understand why there was half and apple of the side of the plate. However, the star of the show was the sweet and sticky cabbage. It was delicious and full of flavour which kind of redeemed the meal a bit.

I don't mean to be slagging off the meal because I had a great time and the food was good but a mixture of a never ending illness and lack of Fish En Croute meant it wasn't my best trip out. I'm holding out hopes for my next visit though!

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