Thursday, 18 September 2014

Mallorca Majorca

Day numero seveno! The Mallorca (or Majorca, I don't know what the 'correct' spelling is) port was one of the most stunning views out of all of the destinations. It was like a little bay with some typical spanish buildings on the shore and the most beautiful historical church as you look on the horizon. One problem with this stunning panoramic view of the city of Palma de Mallorca is that we could see this amazing church, and how far away it was from the boat, and how far we were going to have to walk to get to it. Yes, times.

I'm not huge on exercise, in fact I hate it very much, so walking to what seemed to be 20 miles around a bay was not my idea of holiday fun but hey ho! What made it worse was it was THE HOTTEST DAY EVER.....EVER! When it came down to it the walk went past the harbour and was very scenic, it was just the heat that made it harder. When we got to the cathedral it was totally worth the walk, it was stunning. The detail in the architecture was gorgeous and I liked how even the surrounding lake and trees all complemented and made it a lovely area to have a wander.

When we docked in Mallorca it was a Sunday and I'd love to go back another day as pretty much everything was closed which was a bummer. The buildings were very historic, quite old and a terracotta colour which I really liked as they were different from the other types of architecture in the other ports. We had a drink in two different bars, as although not many shops were open most of the bars were, and they were in cute little backstreets in the shade and had a nice relaxing atmosphere. In fact I think the atmosphere of the whole place was laid back. We didn't do a whole lot in Palma so I'd like to do a little more if I went back but I had a really nice visit. (Sorry about the lack of variety in the pictures, oopsie!)

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