Thursday, 11 September 2014

Valencia Sun

Day Seven, the start of four stops on the trot, phew! It's going to be a busy, but fun, few days. When we pulled up into port we had a lovely view of the sea, which is a bit weird to say seeing as though our view 80% of the time our view is sea! The actual centre of Valencia is a twenty minute drive from the ship so we had two choices on how to get in: 1. Pay $72 for 4 of us to wait for 20 minutes to get a warm coach which would take another 20 minutes to get in, or 2. Pay €40 to get a taxi straight away. No brainer really. My advice for anyone going on a Royal Caribbean cruise is don't use the transport as they provide as it is so overpriced and you can really keep the costs down by just using taxis or port provided buses.

When we arrived in the centre we just took a little walk around. The buildings were so beautiful and there was a mixture between really old church style and newer coloured balcony type buildings which I love. The streets were really cobbled and cute and there was a really nice feel around the place. I thought one of the best places in Valencia was the Mercado Central (Central Market). It was just full of fruit, meat, fish, nuts, it was amazing. The building it was in had a gorgeous domed roof and tiled walls.

Although we only spent a few hours in Valencia, I really liked it and would love to go back and explore some of the other areas. So overall hooray for Valencia!

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