Thursday, 10 March 2016

Things I'm loving from Boots

A couple of weeks ago I did a rather large Boots haul and there were a lot of hits and also a couple of misses. But today we are focusing on the positives and I'll be taking you through what I really loved from the haul (which if you haven't read the post then you can read it here) and what things you should really pick up and try. Some things are new in, some are old that people have loved for a long time that I'm just very late to the party to. Enjoy!

Let's start with brushes and from the Real Techniques Core Collection there are two that I've absolutely fallen in love with. I don't know how I lived my life before the Buffing Brush. It is the perfect foundation brush, dense so that it can foundation can be buffed but with hairs that are long enough to give a nice finish to the foundation. It feels really soft and I don't think I'll be able to use another brush fro my foundation ever again. The second brush that I love from the collection is the Contour Brush. I've never owned a contour brush before because I thought that I didn't need one but I was totally wrong. It makes the perfect cheekbone shape (because if you're like me you need to make cheekbones as opposed to find them and enhance them) and, like the buffing brush, is super soft. This brush works really well with the next product I'm going to mention which is the Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour Kit. I'm still working with the best way to use this product but I'm really liking it so far. The contour shade isn't too warm and isn't too cool, although a light hand is needed as it can easily build up into a very harsh line. The highlight shade is very nice for everyday, and I do use it on a daily basis, but if you want something super shimmery and highlighting then this will be a little too subtle for you. Something that I picked up off the cuff was the Soap and Glory Love At First Blush Stick in Pink, Pop and Pearl. I'd seen something about these sticks on a couple of blogs so I thought why not pick one up as I didn't have anything like this in my collection. I'm so glad that i picked it up because I've fallen in love with this product and use it everyday. It's been described as a cream version of Nars Orgasm Blush and is just a beautiful shimmery pink on the cheeks. It lasts very well on the skin and I really want to try of the highlight of this as well because I can tell it's going to be good. Something that I have rediscovered is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I used to use this all the time but starting using other things but I'm so glad I went back to this one. You've heard it all before so I won't go on about it but if you've never tried it then get yourself down to Boots now, you won't regret it. I used to use the Rimmel Kohl Kajal in Jet Black religiously but I'm sorry to say I've moved on now. My holy grail eyeliner is now the Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl Eyeliner. It stays in my waterline for a really long time without smudging, goes on smoothly and is jet black. It's insanely good!

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