Tuesday, 19 January 2016

La Cachette! (Take Nine)

Here we go again, another visit to the restaurant of dreams. I can't help it okay, I'm weak!

For starter I went for crab croquettes with a bloody mary jelly and a spring onion aioli. This, was amazing! Although it looks like quite a small portion it was actually the perfect size. The actual croquettes were packed with crab flavour, which I loved because I'm seriously big on crab! If I was to have one criticism it would be that I could have done with a bit more aioli, but that's only because I like to smother things in sauce. The aioli itself has an amazing flavour and was really nice and creamy, going well with the crab. Now, I thought that I would leave the bloody mary jelly because I thought that the whole concept was a bit weird. But never judge a book by it's cover because this was a nice surprise! It had the texture of a jelly with a tomato flavour and a hint of spice. It was strange to eat it alone but mixed in with the other elements of the dish it was a dream. Overall I loved this and I hope that we can maybe recreate it at home because that would be a dream!

For my main I chose the venison with chestnut and rosemary polenta, a mushroom fricassee and crispy bayonne ham. Straight off I could have done without the ham. I thought that it didn't really add anything, wasn't as crispy as I would have liked it and I'm also not a big fan of that type of ham (kind of a poet and I didn't even know it). Now onto the good stuff. This was an amazing combination of foods. First off, the venison. What I love about venison is that it's like steak but even more soft and tender. There was a lot of meat but it wasn't too over facing. The mushroom fricassee was also very nice but I quite like my mushrooms chopped small so if I was to be picky I'd want a thicker sauce with smaller mushroom. Now, onto the amazingness which is the polenta. This had the flavour of stuffing but with a really creamy texture. I fell in love instantly and it just went so well with everything on the plate that I just couldn't stop eating it! Overall, stunning!

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