Friday, 18 September 2015

Round Up #11

It's been a quiet week this week so there's not much to report about. I'm thinking about changing my set up on a Friday because my life is so boring that week to week nothing much really happens. I'd appreciate any suggestions! Looking forward, next week is a very exciting week because I'm turning it into University Week. "But what's university week" I hear you cry. Well, I'll be doing four posts, each with a different topic of university from applying to what to do when you actually get there. Hopefully it'll be useful and a nice little change from the normal scheduling on this blog.

A spot of shopping
The other day I found a double points Boots coupon in my purse that was close to expiring. Oh no what a shame, it means that I'm going to have to use it! To be fair I was in desperate need of the things I bought. There should be a mini haul coming in a few weeks which will feature my thoughts on what I bought. On this trip I just picked up two things the first being another Soap and Glory Solar Powder IN THE NEW PACKAGING! I was never overly bothered about the cardboard packaging but as soon as I held that plastic in my hand my old one seems scratty and wrong. The mirror inside the new compact is also amazing! Unfortunately a few weeks ago my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder smashed into teeny tiny pieces *wipes away tears*. I've been repurchasing it for around two years now but fancied a bit of a change. I've heard many good things about the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder so I thought I'd give it a go. I shall report back on my thoughts!

A spot of baking
This week I had a go at making some jam biscuits and although they taste very nice they 1.were really awkward to make and 2. they are so hard they could break your teeth. The dough was so sticky that it would roll or cut out and I couldn't tell when they were done so if you want to make these biscuits don't use the recipe on the Good Food website. Normally that's where I go for all of my cooking and baking needs but this time it just didn't work out. Sad times! They still taste nice if you nibble them though so it's all good!

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