Thursday, 12 March 2015

Mash of the Masks

Next up in the 'face fights' series are face masks. Over the past year I've tried out a fair few face masks to try and combat my oily skin and I've narrowed it down to three, so let's put them to the test. First up is the No Clogs Allowed Mask by Soap and Glory for oily/combination skin. This is a warming mask so you put it on, then wet your hands and rub over the mask which warms it up. The warming effect is nice and soothing but in some areas where the mask is a little thicker it can be a little too hot. The consistency is very odd, quite watery but a little gritty. It does say shake before use but even then there's still a lot of thin liquid.Unlike some of the other masks it doesn't seem to have much of an effect on my skin other than getting rid of some of the oil. Next is another Soap and Glory Mask, The Fab Pore. This is a thick mask with some 'beads' in it which burst when rubbed into the skin. You leave it on for 15 minutes before washing up and it's for all skin types. When on the skin this mask is very relaxing and cooling and leaves my skin feeling fresh and seems to keep spots at bay for a few days. The problem is it doesn't seem to have any long term effects on the skin. Finally it's the Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask. I really like using this mask as it's quick (you only leave it on for three minutes) and isn't too messy to use as it's in a tube, unlike the second Soap and Glory one. It keeps the spots at bay and feels like it draws all of the badness from my skin. This has to be my favourite mask because it suits my skin perfectly and so far we've had no problems (fingers crossed this continues).

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