Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Fat Cats! (Take Three)

You really can't go wrong with 50% off now can you. That's what I love about Nottingham, they give really good food discount to students (and when you're short on cash but still want to eat out it's great!). I've been to Fat Cats a few times and I try to vary what I have so it doesn't start to get same-y. The herb crusted cod caught my eye on this visit and it was such a good choice! The crust on the cod was garlicy with some crunch and there was just the right amount, because sometimes on things like that they don't give enough crust. The celeriac sauce was delicious and for me made the dish. It was such a good accompaniment and full of flavour. There were a few too many pea shoots but I can live with that and it said that it came with spinach but it wasn't to be seen. Potato wise it was a gratin and the potatoes were soft on the bottom, crispy on the top and deliciously seasoned. Portion size was perfect so all in all a winner of a dish, and at £7.50 for this and a drink you really can't go wrong!

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