Tuesday, 17 February 2015

La Tasca!

O. M. G. This has to be one of THE best meals out I have ever had (be prepared for more bold statements). As you will know if you read my blog last week it was my birthday and to celebrate I invited a group of my favourite people out to La Tasca for tapas. I've never been there before and I love that kind of food so it seemed like the obvious choice. I had some vouchers to use as well which we were extremely grateful in the end because it's not a cheap meal, but this is reflected in the quality. To make things easier, and to make sure that everyone got the kind of thing that they wanted, we split into groups of 2/3 and ordered 3 meals each, but different so that we ended up having six between two. My pairing chose two portions of Patatas Bravas, which are roast potatoes in a tomato sauce and it came with alioli on top which is a tasty garlic mayonnaise. These were insanely good! Tasty and soft but with a little crisp from the skin. We probably could have shared one of these as I didn't finish mine but they were so good. We ordered the standard calamari which were crispy from the batter but to my delight the squid was perfectly cooked, soft and tender rather than tough and chewy. Big fan. The chorizo was a big favourite of the table and there's no surprise why. It wasn't chewy in the slightest and was full of flavour. The oil it was cooked in was also super tasty. Albondigas was next which were meatballs in a tomato sauce. Loved these! The sauce had a slight heat to it and the meatballs were soft and melted in the mouth. My favourite of the whole lot were the chicken croquets which were a creamy chicken sauce in little breadcrumbed balls. Insane! I can't really explain how good these were but trust me, they were. We also had garlic bread which was also INSANE! I seriously want to go back here so much that writing this is making me sad because I know that whatever I eat for tea tonight won't be as good as the food there.

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