Friday, 13 February 2015

Favourite Friday: Birthday!

As you'll know if you read yesterday's post but it was my birthday! Over the recent years I've not been the biggest fan of my birthday but when it comes around it does seem to cheer me up. To celebrate I went out with my family for a meal last week, went out on Wednesday (what a night...) and tonight me and my friends are going to La Tasca for a very sophisticated meal, tune in on Tuesday to see how that went (#shamelessselfpromo). I don't know how I feel about turning twenty. The lack of the 'teen' on the end makes it seem like I should start to become responsible. Maybe it's now not acceptable to cuddle my furry creatures at night and sit with them while I watch TV...nah. The extra year makes no difference to life, I don't know why people make such a big deal about it, it could be worse, you could not have made it this far (always look on the bright side). So on this momentous occasion of 'turning into an adult' I shall mark it with Squirrel, Dragon, Dolphin and Baby Sven watching a film, bliss.

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