Monday, 23 February 2015

Empties #1

This is my first ever empties post and I have to say it's taken me longer than I thought it was going to to build up a little stash, but I've done it so let's get started. I've been using the Lee Stafford shampoo and conditioners for about three years and my favourites have been from the big fat hair range. They're around £8 each and do quite a good job of volumising the hair. I've been through a fair few bottles over the years but recently it's not been quite doing it for me. My hair just doesn't seem to be getting washed properly and it can feel very greasy. I think I may have to move on to bigger and better things. Next up is my beloved Seaweed Toner from The Body Shop. I don't think I could live without this. It's done wonders for my oily skin and it just seems to keep the grease at bay. I will forever repurchase this, probably for the rest of time. In 2009 I got this L'Oreal Golden Eyeshadow free in a set. I thought that it was going to be something that I was never going to use, but I think that the fact I've finished it proved me wrong. I used this as a highlight and it was really nice, shimmery not too glittery and a nice colour. I don't think they sell this anymore so I'll have to find another replacement, but I already have one in mind. My Vitamin E Night Cream from The Body Shop has done me well over this past year but our time has come to an end. I really liked the way that this moisturised my skin without making it oily and it was a good price considering it's lasted me just under 12 months. At the minute I'm trying another night cream but if that doesn't work out I'd definitely repurchase. This Coconut Body Butter from The Body Shop is just insane! Smells amazing, moisturises like no other and lasts not too badly either. Everyone knows how great these body butters are but the coconut one is thicker than some of the others which in my opinion makes it thicker as it gives your body a good moisturise. Love it!
Stay tuned next week to see what I've repurchased and what new stuff I'm trying out!

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