Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Bills! (Take Three)

Valentines day was a very special day for me. Full of romance and wonder, or just full of food and a really rubbish film (if you ever get the chance to watch GBF do, for the funny factor...it's that bad). Me and my friend Fiona went to Bills on the special occasion and as always it didn't disappoint. I had a burger cooked medium and it was so good! The meat was moist, the bun was sweet and the chips were so good. The portion size was the perfect amount as I managed to finish it all, which I don't always do when I go out to eat (bad i know). I could go on all day about how much I love Bills but if I had to give one criticism I'd say that the drinks are quite overpriced. My lemonade, which was small, was over £3 which I think it's a tad ridiculous. Just something to think about. Sorry about the short food post but I was satisfied so much by my burger that a dessert was just off the cards. Maybe next time (definitely next time).

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