Friday, 16 January 2015

Favourite Friday: Pretty Little Liars

Last Wednesday my life changed forever, dramatic I know but it's true. I've been getting really bored with Netflix recently because I've exhausted all the series' I wanted to watch and just wanted to get into something really juicy. Then Pretty Little Liars popped up on screen and it was love at first episode. I love the characters, the story, the drama it's just all too much! As of writing this post (Wednesday) I'm on episode 5 of series 3 and to say I've had two days off it works out that I've watched 51 episodes in 5 days, which if I've done the Maths correctly is 38 hours and 25 minutes worth of programming. It's not as if I even have that much free time! Someone send help.

Since I''ve been obsessing over this series I thought it would be a good time to update my 'what to watch on Netflix list'. If you'd like to read my previous post click here, let's go:
  • Orange is the new black- I know, late on the band wagon. I have no idea why I put off for so long but I felt like I'd missed out on a lot when I started. Parts are a little bit close to the edge but you just get sucked in and when you're hungover from a heavy night it is definitely a good remedy, believe me I know.
  • The Paradise- On the last day of first term, just before I went home for Christmas, and I watched the entire of series one that night...sad I know. I'm a fan of period drama type programmes so if that's your thang I'd recommend it. Really easy watching. 
  • Merlin- I was a Merlin watcher from the very first episode right to the end and I was a huge fan... until series 5 but judge for yourselves on that one. Now that Netflix has all of the series I can't wait to re-watch them all (except series 5, I'd never put myself through that again).
  • The Inbetweeners- It doesn't matter how many times I watch these episodes they are just as hilarious! Funny and cringey, everyone should watch this at least once but I can guarantee, one episode and you'll be hooked. 

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