Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Food Day Seven

Starter-Crab Cakes
These had a really interesting texture but were full of a delicious crabby flavour. The dish came with two crab cakes, a basil alioli and a snowy pea slaw. I wasn't a fan of the snowy pea slaw but the basil alioli was insanely good. The crab cake and the alioli went really nicely together.
Main-Manhattan Strip Steak
I had my steak medium rare and it was cooked really nicely. It was a little chewy but that was just the nature of that kind of steak. As always the vegetables were cooked really nicely and were super tasty. The garlic butter gave a really good flavour, but what would have made the dish better would have been to have chips instead of a jacket potato and if it had come with onion rings.
Dessert-Sugar Free Red Berry Tart
I was very surprised with this dessert as the sugar free element makes it sound like it wouldn't have much flavour but boy was I wrong! The pastry base was lovely and thin but the sponge on top was a little bit strange and would have been better left off. The cream was really nice as were the berries and berry sauce, but I could have done with a little more sauce.

This meal was okay and elements were tasty but it wasn't a memorable meal so I give it a 7/10.

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