Monday, 25 August 2014

Holiday Fun Times!

After two weeks of sunning myself at sea, I'm back to the worst possible weather. Yippee. But I don't really care because I've had one of the best two weeks ever! I mean, what's better than sitting in the sun with a really good book and stuffing your face with free food? Nothing.

I went on the Royal Caribbean ship The Independence of the Seas. I've been on one other Royal Caribbean ship before. Last year I went on Adventure on the Seas, which is one class down from the Independence, and was amazing at the time, but it was so small in comparison to this one! I'm not even joking, it was like a small town. No joke.

Here are some 'ship stats' to show the mahoosive size:
Gross tonnage-160,000
Inside cabins-733
Outside cabins-1,084
Passenger capacity-4,375

For the next few weeks I'll be posting every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday all about my holiday antics! That should keep me busy until I go back to uni!

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