Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Road to University! Week Three

Happy Tuesday! Two weeks to go, AH! I think it's starting to sink in now that I'll be leaving my lovely purple bedroom behind to move to a blinding lime green one (the blindness is completely self inflicted!). Over the past few weeks I've been  slowly preparing myself with the skills I'll need whilst I'm at university. I already feel like a domestic goddess, sat here with my cappuccino after cleaning the bathroom, with a load of washing in the machine. 

This week the burning question has been 'What am I actually going to eat!?'. I really like to cook and bake anyway (just remembered bake off is on tonight, excited!) but whenever I cook a meal there's always someone there to help me with measurements and whether it looks right. So I've decided to take the plunge and just go for it! If it turns out wrong then I'll just try again! 

These are Rosemary and cheese scones which I made to go with a beef and ale stew my parents made. They are so yum and are a recipe from Paul Hollywood's bread. I've made them with help before but this was my first time completely unassisted. They were really easy to make and probably took me 45 minutes all together including cooking time. I think that the instructions are full proof and are really nice warm and I think could be really nice with soup. I also had them cold for my lunch the next day with butter on and they were delicious! I think they'd be a really good thing to make in bulk and take on the go or when I can't be bothered to make something.

These lilac little things are earl grey cupcakes. The recipe is once that I found on the internet from the Hummingbird Bakery. Normally I enjoy making cupcakes but this recipe was really strange and the cakes came out really dense. But the icing was really nice and earl grey-ey so next time I think I might make a normal cake but with this icing. But to say they took me about 2 hours to make they turned out okay...? I think I might just make some normal chocolate ones tomorrow to build up my baking self esteem. Is that normal?

This bowl of what looks like vomit is actually what I had for my lunch today, so don't judge. It's pasta with a tomato sauce. I've been practising making sauces loads this week because when I'm at uni that's probably what I'm going to be eating all of the time! I think I've got the hang of making pasta which is good because there was a point where I was eating raw pasta.

So I think that I had a pretty productive week this week! It was really yummy as well! I also found out that I can take my coffee machine with me, yey! So happy, I don't think I could actually live without it! So I'll leave you with a picture of my baby and I'll see you next week!

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