Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Products that smell out of this world

I love good smelling products and scent can have a big impact on whether I like a product or love it. Something may be the best thing since sliced bread and do a great job but if it has a smell I'm not that into it's not going to be one of my go-tos. I just want to pre-warn that I am hopeless at describing smells, seriously bad at it, but my favourite scents are fruity or quite sickly sweet so that's what I tend to steer towards.

As far as dry shampoos go, Colab is my ultimate favourite. Not only are the names and bottles the cutest thing you may have ever seen, the product inside is actually pretty good too! At the minute I'm using the Unicorn one (obviously, unicorns are literally my life) and it has such a nostalgic smell to me! I don't know what it is but it leans more florally but with a bit more of something that isn't too perfume-y. I was also a fan of the Tropical one and I can't wait to try out more of the other scents!

Soap and Glory have some amazing scents across their different products. The Smoothie Star range gives me life, especially in the winter, but one that will always have a special place in my heart is the Sugar Crush scent. Like fruit and sugar, this is a great 'pick me up' scent. If you're ever feeling down, give this a whiff and it will transport you off to a summer's day on a beach with a good book in one hand and a glass of prosecco in the other. At the minute I'm loving the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Hand Cream. I find myself sniffing my hands all the time and looking like someone to avoid in the streets, I don't care, it smells too good not to.

Please can someone tell me - why do new Mac lipsticks smell the best? There's just something about them that makes them irresistible to sniff! It's a strict procedure whenever anyone shows you a new Mac lipstick, take the lid off, look at the colour, smell it. I don't know why! It's sort of a vanilla situation that also reminds me a bit of a tic tac but it's definitely the best thing about a new lipstick. (Sad news is the one in this picture - Kinda Sexy which is my all time favourite - now smells like a crayon. Breaks my little heart).

Pretty much any scent The Body Shop do I'm into. Everyone is just spot on but recently there's one that I've been slightly obsessed with, the argan oil scent. I've never been that interested in it and to be honest when I've smelt it in the shop I've just thought it was like their shea range but not as nutty. I was totally wrong. I got the argan oil body butter for my birthday and on my little dry legs this smells amazing. Kind of a cross between summer and winter it makes you want the sun to shine but isn't like a fruity scent because it makes you kind of feel cosy and warm as well. If you haven't tried anything from the range I would definitely recommend it!

I'd like to give a final mention to the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. Obviously the whole point of it is to smell like chocolate and the long and short of it is that it doesn't. BUT it does still smell great! Think The Body Shop Cocoa Butter in powder form I can't help but give it a little sniff before putting it on my face.

What's your favourite scented product?

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