Friday, 13 April 2018

Is this the best matte lipstick ever?

This time last month if you's have told me I would fall in love with a matte lipstick to a point of obsession then I'd have probably laughed in your face. I was all about the glossy lip, slathering on the lip gloss, cracking out my sheeny lipsticks and generally having a great time moisturising in general. That was until this landed on my doorstep - The Powerlips Fluid. Big shout out to my mate Amy for hooking me up with this cracking beauty!

This is the shade Maven which I'd say is a nude which is slightly darker than what I usually go for. I have to say when I first saw the shade I was a bit concerned at how dark it was. I expected it to be more of a easy to wear nude but leans more to the vampy side. I have to say though now I've had a chance to wear it I'm completely in love. The shade also is bang in the middle of warm and cool which for me is bang on! The picture above is pretty true to life and it really pops and stands out against my little pale face.

With matte lipsticks I always feel like you need to compromise - something won't be quite right but you put up with it because that's just the way it goes. Like they're not matte enough so end up all over your face or they're so dry your mouth feels like the desert or it gathers on the inside of your mouth. You get it, nothing is ever quite right. But I've had zero problems with this one. It dries down totally matte in quick time but never gets to the point where it sucks the life out of your lips. One thing which is a big plus for me as well is that you don't need to be careful when applying to not go over the same spot - you can over the same space loads of times and it doesn't get clumpy and thick. This also gives it big plus points when reapplying as it just glides on top of what was there with no issues.

Overall I would love to get more of these because the other shades look incredible! If you're starting to lose your faith in matte lip products and think you'll never find the perfect one, think again!

What's your favourite matte lip product? 

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