Wednesday, 7 February 2018

What to binge and when

I'm all about binge watching, it's like a hobby. One of my proudest achievements in life is watching six series of Pretty Little Liars in 12 days - the fact that it was just a giant procrastination exercise and I had exams to revise for is besides the point - I love me a binge. Over time I've collected a nice little list of programmes which I feel will be enjoyed most when watched all in one go. Here are my favourite box sets and when you should watch them.

For the background binge: How I Met Your Mother passed me by when it was first on. I never saw an episode and didn't really have an interest in picking it up because, let's face it, the familiar Friends was always on anyway. But when I was in my third year of uni it came onto Netflix and with days to kill and an urge to watch something I gave it a try. It was three weeks of background bliss. When I wanted to give it my full concentration it was a good way to pass a few hours and when I switched off and had it on in the background, I could dip in and out of it without any issue. I got a bit bored of it in later series (especially the last one) but if you're looking for some background noise that you can tune into once in a while this is a good one to go for.

For the murderous binge: I am a MASSIVE Endeavour fan. Huge. So big that I squealed more than a normal person should at last week's edition of Radio Times when it featured on the cover (come on Abz, get a grip). We are currently on series five so there are four series worth of four hour and a half episodes so plenty to keep you going. Each murderous episode is wrapped up in that time so although there's no cliffhanger to keep you wanting more I find them so addictive and interesting to watch that I could just keep going.

For the 'on a roll' binge: As I mentioned before, watching six series of  Pretty Little Liars in 12 days is literally one my life's crowning moments. I was totally hooked and could not stop watching it - pretty much every waking minute where I was by myself I was watching it. Such a good programme with twists that really suck you in. The reason I think you should watch this when you're on a roll is because after I caught up, I didn't pick it back up again and I must confess that I haven't finished the series. I tried to start up again after the 'five years later' thing happened but I found it a bit boring and just didn't carry on. So if you haven't seen Pretty Little Liars yet and want to, definitely watch it in one big batch.

For the catch up binge: I didn't watch Doctor Foster when it was on the first time round, but when series two came I felt the need to catch up. Wow was that an intense watch. If you have a few days to spare and fancy getting your teeth into something then I really recommend this. Pre warning though: You will get annoyed, feel tense and confused throughout but trust me it's worth it.

For the sashay away binge: If you haven't had the pleasure of watching Ru Paul's Drag Race yet then stop whatever you're doing right now, sit yourself down and get watching. I watching series one to six all in one go and after that I've binged each series individually which is totally what I recommend. Waiting a week just made me crave it more but spending a couple of days binging them means I can get out all of my drag race cravings at once.

Honourable mentions: America's Next Top Model, Granchester, How to Get Away with Murder, Friends, Dance Academy, Happy Valley, Last Tango in Halifax, Silk (this list could be about fifteen pages long so I'll stop here).

What binging boxset do you recommend?

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