Friday, 19 January 2018

Top five picks from Look Fantastic advent calendar

Last year I thought I'd treat myself to another beauty advert calendar. With my Body Shop calendar impressing me back in 2016 I wanted to take it to another level. After lots of research (without spoilers) I went for the Look Fantastic calendar - a steal at £67 (thank you Black Friday) and products inside adding up to £300, this definitely didn't disappoint. Every day was a new exciting product to try with a great mix of makeup and skincare and because I loved the products so much I thought I would pick my favourites from the 25 days.

I'll start with the only makeup product in my top picks, the HD Eyeshadow Palette in Foxy. I was so surprised to see a palette in this calendar (I mean seriously - the biggest bargain) and it's such a good one for everyday. What I like about this palette is that I could take it on a weekend away and make it work for day and night. The shadows aren't the most pigmented in the world but with a bit of work you can build them up. The shimmers work well and with just five shades there pretty much all you could need - except maybe a black but the darkest shade does the job at a bit of lashline smudge anyway. The centre matte brown is also great on my eyebrows. I've tried it with the small angled brush that comes in the palette (side note: great angled brush) and it gives a fluffy, natural-ish brow which I'm totally into.

Onto skincare. I never thought that I would be so pleased to receive moisturisers in a calendar and here I am with two in my top picks. I've heard so much about Caudalie and was buzzing (urgh who am I) to give this one a go. The name 'moisturising sorbet' put me off a little as I thought it was going to be really light with a silicone type feel, a bit like the Body Shop Sorbets which I love for my body but wasn't feeling good about that texture on my face. But I was wrong and it's a really good face moisturiser that my skin laps up. Doesn't feel greasy and is an all-round good product. The Korres Wild Rose moituriser is what my skin has been NEEDING. After about 12 months of thinking 'I don't need a night moisturiser, my skin is fine', I've realised that at night all my face wants is to be smothered in a thick cream so it can be hydrated and plumped up.This is so thick but in a good way and is like a mask but moisturiser in one. I have to be careful not to apply too much but when I get the balance right I wake up feeling ready to go.

I have heard so much about the Queen of Hungary Mist that when I opened the box to see this falling out I squealed to the point where it was embarrassing. Like ,come on Abz, it's basically water in a glass bottle. But it does such magical things! I've never understood what people said when they talked about a 'fine mist'. Surely all sprays are the same, but oh no. This is like a little puff of goodness on your face. I can't say I've seen a major difference in my skin since using this but do I love it? Yeah I do!

Last but not least is what I think has saved my skin, a Dr Botanicals serum. Now I don't know this as a fact but since using this little bottle of joy my face hasn't looked as angry and red. Don't get me wrong I'm still having a few issues but during December things weren't looking good. A very watery consistency, I put three or four drops onto my hands, rub them together and dab it on my face, simple. I'm in two minds as to whether I repurchase this or look for something similar but I'm going to enjoy the few applications I have left.

Honourable mention: Oskia renaissance mask. I never thought a more hydrating mask would be up my street but I have fallen in LOVE. From the 10ml sample I've had about six applications so far with a couple left to go and my skin seems to be really enjoying it! The only thing that kept it out of my original line-up was the full price - it's £50 for 50ml, I don't think I'm at the point in my life yet where I can justify that, maybe one day!

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