Saturday, 7 March 2015


So for the start of "Mad March" I decided to go Bollywood! This is what we all dressed up as when I went out for my birthday and I think it's one of those themes that it's really easy to do and everybody always looks amazing. The outfit is really simple and cheap to do and accessories and makeup are the thing that make it look 'bollywood-y'.

Let's start with the face. Just a disclaimer, I used purple on the eyes but in the pictures below it just looks brown, annoying I know but that's just life. It did look purple in real life (and very good I might add!). I started off with the eyes and primed them with the Mac Painterly Paint Pot, which is my favourite eye primer, and used a white shade all over the lid, specifically Heaven from the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette. I used post it notes to make sure I got a sharp line and I'm really liking that at present. The next part is just a case of putting on the colours, blending, putting the next on, blend and just repeat. I used the Mac Pigment in the shade Femininity, which is a pink that shines blue in some lights, in the crease. I then used another Mac Pigment in Dusty Desire which is a deep matte purple. I just kept going over each of these to build the intensity. Once that was at the colour I wanted I went in with my Barry M Dazzle Dust in Gold, which I've literally had for eight years, oh dear! I packed this onto the centre of my eye to make it sparkly and I like the contrast between the purple and the gold, so cool. I then took all of these colours underneath the eye in order of darkness. I did a really intense flick with my L'Oreal Black Gel Eyeliner with an angled brush and just did a really thick line and this is where the post its help out by giving an amazing flick (the cheats guide to eyeliner!). I lined my tightline and waterline with the Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner in Black and then used lashings of the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara which I'm loving for lengthening and then the Clinique High Volume Mascara to give a little more volume. I then just did my standard foundation/face thing but made sure I went heavy on the contour with my Soap and Glory Solar Powder. For lips I went nude with my new Rimmel Lip Liner in East End Snob and Kiko Lipstick in 902. Finished face alert!

My outfit is just some leggings, a black strappy top and a scarf that I bought from Primark that I just wrapped around myself. Super cheap and I think it looks pretty damn good! I bought the head thing you can see above from River Island and I think it finishes everything off.

This is literally the easiest fancy dress and really fun too because you can still move (you know sometimes you just go all out that for the night you think "shouldn't have worn that"? No just me?). The best thing is that when you do a theme once you then have all the stuff to do it again!

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