Tuesday, 10 February 2015

La Cachette

It's my birthday week, wooo, and what better way to spend it than with good food! Me, my mum, dad and brother went to La Cachette, a restaurant in my 'home town' (I always think that saying is really cringe but that's where it is) and I couldn't wait. Let's get straight to it! For starter I had the scallops, which was on the pricey side at just under £10.00, and they were insane. The scallops themselves were perfectly cooked, soft and tender, which went perfectly with the slightly spicy chorizo. The little fondant potatoes were divine, I've never had potatoes like this before and it won't be the last time. There were two sauces, a puree and maybe a pesto (I don't exactly know what they are, well done Abz) both of which were delicious. The portion size was a little small for the price but was perfect in terms of setting you up for the main course. Everything went perfectly and I'd definitely have it again!

For may main course I had beef wellington, which is a personal favourite of mine, and it was spot on. The portion size was spot on and although it's not much to look at there's no extra veg needed, it's beautiful just the way it is (so deep). The steak was perfectly cooked and melted in the mouth, while the pastry was crispy on the outside but softer where it touched the steak. The spinach was perfectly cooked and the mashed potato was just how I like it, buttery and smooth, with the truffle oil giving it a lovely flavour. The sauce tasted like a very posh gravy and although the flavour was quite strong I was a fan. I can't speak any more highly of this dish. Definitely one of, if not THE, best beef wellington I've ever had.

Treacle tart. What else is there to say? This will forever be one of my favourite desserts and I'm happy to report that I wasn't disappointed. The pastry was crumbly and buttery, the filling was sticky and full of lemon/treacle flavour and the ice cream was creamy and tasty. What more do you want from a dessert.

Overall huge birthday success and La Cachette will always be one of my first choices for a nice meal out.

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